Country Home of Gourmet Gluten Free Foods
Scrumlicious is situated near the Grampians in Country Victoria, an area rich in Local Produce which we call upon to make our award winning products. If you look for us on the map we are just off the Western Highway at Concongella, on the outskirts of Stawell which is halfway between Ballarat and Horsham in the Wimmera area.

We specialises in making award winning & great tasting Pies and Quiche in a dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen.

Scrumlicious is an old family saying which we have used since about 1956, and yes it does suggest that we make scrumptious and delicious gourmet products. We do things the slow method as to make sure you are getting quality taste, and quality product. Most products are still made by hand. We are passionate. This allows us to change the recipe quickly OR to the customer requirements e.g. Low FODMAP

Scrumlicious is all about GREAT taste and we can excite your taste buds with delicious natural flavours as we source ingredients locally if possible from the grower. Scrumlicious does NOT use canola, GM foods, artificial flavours & colourings. We use Australian made, grown and produced products as we feel Australia has a high standard in quality.