First of all we have wonderful pastry which is sought after by many and this is the basis of our wonderful Quiches and Pies. Pies can be made with Dairy or Dairy Free pastry.

Talking about Pastry! It seems that we have pastry that everybody wants the recipe for BUT if I told you our secret I might have to lock you away in the vault from the public and that is NOT what you or I would want. In saying that, we have won prizes with our Ham and Spring Onion Quiche against mainstream competition and won first prize three times so far. The judges didn’t know it was Gluten Free Shortcrust pastry.


Chicken and Avocado - This is our most popular product with large pieces of chicken and avocado nestled in cheese and covered in a mixture of Free Range Green Eggs Cream and milk topped with an Aussie Native Spice.

Ham & Spring Onion - (First prize winner) Top quality ham is used to ensure the flavour is paramount. Topped with special mix of herbs and spice to give added flavour.

Salmon & Camembert – Tasmanian Salmon with selected Australian Camembert topped with dill and again the creamy egg mix.

Sweet Potato Pine Nuts and Fetta – We roast the sweet potato add the spring onion greens cool, add toasted pine nuts & Fetta and again topped with the creamy egg mix with selected herbs.

Spinach and Fetta - This has been likened to Greek Spanakopita by many as this is based on a Greek recipe per given to me by a lovely Greek Lady from Adelaide. We use local grown organic spinach/silver beet and spring onions greens for those who need Low FODMAP.

Pumpkin Provence - Pumpkin, onion and capsicum, with herbs and cheese

Asparagus and Blue Cheese (Seasonal) - Local organic asparagus, and aussie blue cheese

We are currently working on a Gluten Free Dairy Free Quiche with taste and NO potato filler.


Country Beef - This is real country beef pie, as all the meat is selected from local growers marinated in a 'Bests' red wine, slow cooked to make sure the meat is tender and falling apart. You will find chunks of steak as well as thick mince gravy, potato and spices.

Chicken Pie – Tender chicken thighs marinated in a 'Seppelts' white wine, teamed with potato cubes, carrots, parsley and selected spices.

Vegetable Pie - This is like a mild Indian vegetable Korma pie with a mixture of Sweet Potato, chickpeas onion greens capsicum, celery, carrots, tomato, cauliflower selected Indian spice.

Pastie – Well I like a little meat in pasties, along with potato turnips celery carrots onion parsley and selected spices and that’s what you get. Sorry, but it is not Low Fodmap.

Look out for new products coming soon!


A range of slices are made in bulk so you can have some now and some later if stored in the freezer. We don’t always put icing on our slices as we are conscious of those who have to watch sugar intake and we add as little as possible. This does not compromise the taste as we use selected spices to enhance the taste. Our great selection includes.

Apricot Crumble Slice - Real apricots on a biscuit base with a crunchie coconut topping

Coconut Jam Slice – Biscuits base topped with Aussie made Jam and coconut topping.

Lemon Curd Slice – Biscuit base, with lemon curd and crunchie coconut topping.

Pecan Slice – Biscuit base, with pecans in a butter nougat topping.

Baked Cheesecake - Biscuit base with a creamy cheesecake filling.

Carrot Cake Slice – This is a traditional carrot cake (Dairy Free) along with walnuts & spice.

Chocolate Whisky Slice – Warning it is addictive, so take in small amounts if you need a chocolate fix. Real dark 70% chocolate a small dash of whisky, biscuits and nuts.

We also add others slices from time to time.


Fruit cake and puddings are available late November and December. But to tell you the truth I love them any-time of year. But please order early as we have a limit of how many we make.